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As an Andalusian, microamphorae is the reconciliation between the forgotten traditional kitchen of my Phoenician ancestors and contemporary cooking; Thus the design of this ceramic triad of vessels is inspired by that of amphorae and test tubes. This cruet inspired in the roots of my roots, is an essential object in every Andalusian kitchen to naturally store the elemental condiments of the Mediterranean diet: olive oil, vinegar and salt.

Each vessel design has been adapted to the properties of it’s own specific content. Liquids such as vinegar and oil can be poured from the vessel through a stylized nozzle whose width varies depending on the liquid’s density.
Salt can be refilled into the vessel through a slot in a vertical position, and poured out of it through a series of grooves in a horizontal position. 
The microamphorae are embedded in a special soil, as amphorae were firmly fixed in sand in the hull of a moving boat. The biosoil absorbs dripping.

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