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Repurposing of an Andalusian patio into a community theatre

film, performance, architecture


Conception and design of a perfumers exhibition in Lausanne


exhibition design assistance

Ethnographic research on queer identities in Cádiz

film  1'48''


Ethnographic research on Andalusian women's material culture

film  7' 44''

editorial series

projects bottom

Speculation on the future of the beauty industry


100% HI polystyrene

A sensory exploration of Cádiz, Spain


borosilicate 30%   ceramic 8%

shellstone 62%

Portable archive of materials


acrylic 89%             nylon 2%

polystyrene 5%      poliester 4%

A collaboration with the UK Government and local nurseries in London

film 1'43''

Decorative plantpots


Jesmonite, concrete 100%

Cruet inspired in ancient Roman storage systems


MDF 12%          ceramic 70%

acrylic 18%


Experimental film on gender and new genetic technologies


set design

Playful piece of wearable architecture


rubber 98%

nylon, poliester 2%

Slender backpack


neoprene, acrylic 80%

cotton 20%

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